What is stillness

Stillness is not just the absence of sound or conversation. Neither is it the absence of thinking. Many of us regard stillness as a negative thing, an empty space, a void. A void that can make us feel scared because we don’t know our place in that kind of emptiness.

However, there is much more to stillness than the idea of absence or emptiness. Stillness is an extremely positive thing, it is existential and full of life. It is a reality we all possess, only we never look inside to find it.

The core of your being, your inner self, is like the eye of a hurricane. It is not affected by what goes on around it. At the centre it is still, eternally still. Things may come and go but the eternal stillness of your being stays the same. This stillness is not something you possess. It is what you are.

Our weekly Moments of Stillness are short instructions that can guide you to this still centre in the midst of all your daily activities.