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Moments of Stillness

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Moments of Stillness

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Moments of Stillness are short meditative reflections on life that you can use every day.

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The Beginning

In 2016 I was suddenly inspired to start writing our Moments of Stillness. While out walking one day in the dunes near our house, the first words and sentences came to me, as if out of nowhere. The rustling of the trees in the wind and the sound of the sea made me think of my experiences during the meditation weeks hosted by Naropa. These experiences have proven to be an inexhaustible well of inspiration for Moments of Stillness. Read on...

Leonard Jan Kaniok
Haarlem 2018

Meditation & Exercises


From drop to ocean

A long time ago, just before you were born, you lived in the ‘ocean’ that was your mother. This ocean carried you, you had no sense of gravity, you floated in a secure and loving world. Read more...



These days, stress is an all-too-common problem, even among young people. We are obviously doing something wrong and have lost touch with how our inner space is supposed to be used. Read more...


The inner voice

Everyone is familiar with this phenomenon because we all do it—we are all in the habit of talking to ourselves at some time or other. We all use that internal voice. Read more...

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