Who are we

The more I write, the more I realise that everything we perceive in nature and in life is, in fact, a mirror image of our inner processes. Moments of Stillness act as mirrors, too. They show you exactly who and what you are. Fortunately, what we really are is not some kind of far-off and unattainable goal; it is actually the thing that is closest to us. It is the most intimate thing that exists, there is no distance between you and your true self. I hope that our Moments of Stillness will help you to remember this every time you read them.

If you would like to find out more about Naropa or about the meditation weeks in Deventer and/or the Czech Republic, please visit the website www.naropa.eu


Inspiration in the market

Our company, Zintenz, is a publisher of stories, greeting cards, spiritual cards and meditations. We also have a website where we sell our cards and other products, too. It is our hope that our stories, cards and meditations can act as a source of stillness and tranquillity, stimulate reflection and bring a smile to people’s faces.

We are a family business that was created from the legacy of my father, Erich Kaniok. In the course of his work, Erich collected many stories that he later decided to pass on to me. “Do whatever you wish with them,” he told me. I accepted his offer and began reading them. Although some of the stories were familiar to me from my childhood, they soon had my full attention again. I decided I should share them with others. First by e-mail subscription, which quickly became very popular, and later in the form of Story Cards. Ten years later the business is still going strong.

I run the company together with my wife, Janna, and a number of freelancers. Erich and his wife, Marijke, also drop by every week to lend a hand.

Stillness has become a genuine source of inspiration for us. We seek it out and allow it to wash over us. Thanks to our many years of experience with meditation and stillness, we have gathered the inspiration needed to pass our insights on to others. We would like for everyone to be able to enjoy similar experiences and that is why we have set up the website moments-of-stillness.com.