What is meditation

Meditation is actually a very simple thing. It is about being, that’s all, and doing nothing. No moving, no thinking, no emotions, just being. When you have stopped every single activity and are completely pure and alone, that is meditation. Even when you do nothing for a very brief moment and are fully centred and relaxed, that is meditation.

And that is why meditation is both a very simple thing and something that many people find very difficult. Because meditation is not something you can actively ‘do’ or practice. Meditation is about letting everything go, about stopping all activity. Meditation happens when you do nothing. And when you do nothing, everything is still.

In your daily life there are many moments that you can use to help you find this stillness, the place where you can do nothing. Our weekly meditations are short instructions that can guide you and show you how to become alert to and identify these valuable moments.